About Ju-Don


I am the chief operating officer and a founding member of the LifePosts team, a collaborative storytelling platform that enables people to capture the most important personal milestones in their lives.

I was previously director of the Center for Cooperative Media, where I worked with local media companies and media entrepreneurs on various issues dealing with journalism, civic engagement and sustainability. Before that, I served as a general manager and senior vice president at Everyday Health and as an executive editor and senior vice president at News Corporation.

I spent the bulk of my career at The Washington Post, where I held various leadership positions for 17 years, including running washingtonpost.com. In 2007, I led the online coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, which was cited in the judges’ decision to award the Post the 2008 Pulitzer for breaking news. In 2003, I was awarded a distinguished Nieman Fellowship, allowing me to spend a year studying at Harvard University. I hold leadership or advisory roles in several media organizations.