Current Project

I’m currently working with a small team building a new site called LifePosts. LifePosts is a collaborative storytelling platform designed to allow people to capture and share the most important milestones in their lives, from the birth of a child to the death of a loved one, and all the significant milestones in between.

LifePosts Team

Steven Waldman, CEO & Founder

Steven Waldman is a journalist, entrepreneur, and digital content pioneer. He was the founder and CEO of, the leading multifaith religion site acquired by News Corp. Recently he was senior adviser to the the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, writing a landmark report on the changing media landscape. Earlier, he was a newsmagazine journalist, and author of a bestselling book on the birth of religious liberty.

Ju-Don Marshall Roberts, Founding COO  

Read my bio in About Ju-Don.

Ned Berke, Senior Editor

Ned founded and served as editor of Sheepshead Bites and Bensonhurst Bean, local news websites in Brooklyn, NY.